Independent Asset Manager


Why should customers trust me?

 I am one of the leading experts in Switzerland with a focus on occupational benefits and emigration


  • With, where I am the chairman, I am a FINMA registered independent asset manager with 40 years of experience 🦕
  • with a very clear investment strategy
  • clearly defined risk management
  • absolutely transparent
  • cost effective

I represent the interests of the customers

I am a registered and state-approved asset manager FINMA since 2014. I know from my many years of experience that the investment advisors at the banks are only measured by the income they generate for the bank.
I, on the other hand, look after a manageable number of customers, so I can concentrate entirely on you.
Most of my clients come from referrals from existing, satisfied clients.

Clear and transparent investment strategy

Client assets are primarily invested in equities with a focus on Switzerland and stable dividend payments. This results in an annual dividend yield of approx. 3.0% (as of 2023)
I invest as much as possible in individual stocks, which means:

  • no funds
  • no structured products
  • no bonds
  • no derivatives
  • no hectic in-out “back and forth makes tills empty”
  • ETF’s can be added for diversification
  • All agreements are contractually recorded, they correspond to the legal and regulatory requirements.


Stock markets fluctuate! Anyone who invests in equities must have an investment horizon of at least 5 years, preferably 10 years. Short-term corrections, seen in 2022 are possible at any time and can be waited out.
Those who do not want to or cannot accept this should refrain from this strategy.


The customer deposits are with the largest and cheapest online bank in Switzerland. Compared to the big banks, the transaction and custody fees are reduced by around 70 – 80%!
For the administration I receive an administration fee of 1% p.a. plus profit sharing.
Here, too, transparency applies: the lower the costs, the better the result for you as a customer.

Are you planning to leave Switzerland permanently?

Emigrate, but properly!

If you are leaving Switzerland permanently and have been or still are affiliated to a pension fund, you can withdraw your pension fund assets.

If you move outside the EU: No restrictions

If you move within the EU: You have access only to the extra-mandatory part,

  • a) the mandatory part (LPP) remains blocked until you turn 60 or
  • b) when using it for encouragement for home ownership.

Withholding taxes apply. These are not based on your private domicile, rather the domicile of the pension fund, vested benefits foundation respectivly.

Tax saving of over 50% are possible

My clients not only like the tax savings, but also my all inclusive service through the administrative process and paperwork.

It gets really complex if you want to withdraw the mandatory part to purchase a home.

I am the expert with many years of experience, over 250 satisfied custumers so far.

However I am not allowed to provide tax advisory for foreign countries.


If you wish to make your return from Switzerland to your home country a smooth and successful experience, I am ready to provide you with my expertise and guidance. Contact me today to start planning your repatriation process.

  • Specialized in Repatriation

    I specialize in the process of returning from Switzerland to your home country and possess the necessary expertise and experience to support you effectively.

  • Comprehensive Guidance:

    I provide comprehensive guidance that covers all aspects of repatriation, including financial, legal, and tax considerations.

  • Individualized Planning:

    Every repatriation process is unique. I work closely with you to create a customized plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

  • Tax Optimization

    I assist you in optimizing your tax obligations in both Switzerland and your home country, helping improve your overall financial situation.

  • Asset Transfer Support

    If you have assets in Switzerland, I help facilitate their transfer and ensure their security in your home country.

  • Network of Experts

    I have a wide network of professionals, including tax advisors, lawyers, and financial consultants, who can support you throughout the repatriation process.

  • Confidentiality and Discretion

    I treat all your information with utmost confidentiality and discretion. You can trust that your personal and financial matters are in safe hands.

  • Track Record of Successful Repatriations

    I have assisted numerous clients in successfully repatriating from Switzerland to their home countries, and my proven track record ensures that you receive trustworthy support.


About me

  • over 30 years of experience in International Private Banking:

    UBS, Bank Sarasin, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank (Switzerland), EFG Bank

  • languages:

    German, English, Spanish, French fluently

  • interests:

    golf, soccer, opera

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