Chevrolet Consulting GmbH: Six benefits of having a financial expert for pensions

All of us want to have a comfortable life when we retire, so planning for your retirement is essential. Given their complexity and importance, retirement planning and pension schemes are often outside our comfort zones. A financial expert for pensions makes a significant difference when you are saving for retirement.

Chevrolet Consulting GmbH is your financial expert for occupation benefits, including pension schemes in Switzerland. Here is a list of six pros for using a financial expert like me for pensions and retirement planning.

Six benefits of using a financial expert for pensions

A pension scheme helps you with long-term savings and secure your financial independence after you retire. At the same time, pensions are complicated. Selecting the right pension option is difficult, with each one offering different benefits. Here are the top benefits of choosing a financial expert like Chevrolet Consulting GmbH for your pension.

Sound retirement planning

An independent financial expert in pensions helps you select the right investment strategy to meet your financial goals. They will help you pick appropriate pension schemes and ensure you make the most of your investment. Seeking financial advice means you are more likely to meet your financial needs when you retire.

More choices and options

There are three pillars of pension schemes in Switzerland. Each one has unique rules and requirements. Knowing what is available and understanding each option can be difficult, especially if you are an expat.

Using a professional and independent financial expert in pensions ensures that you gain access to all pension choices in Switzerland and beyond. This means that you will avoid missing out on benefits that could be available to you.

Tracking your retirement investment

Expert advice

A financial expert understands your financial goals. They do more than help you make initial decisions about your pension. An expert will help you keep track of goals and manage your pension to get the most from it. If circumstances change, they will also help you make changes to your pension.

Informed decisions about your investment

Financial decisions can be daunting. However, a financial expert in pensions can help you make these important decisions. For example, the best time to transfer or cash in on your pension. They will ensure you understand your options and the implications of each decision. Most important is a smart tax optimization, core competence of Chevrolet Consulting GmbH.

Tax savings

Pay Swiss Taxes

An independent expert in pensions helps you find cost savings, particularly when withdrawing early from a pension scheme. You might, for example, need to close your pension if you permanently leave Switzerland before retiring.

These processes are often complex and typically mean you will face financial penalties. A financial expert will help you navigate these important decisions and save on taxes.

Peace of mind

Above all, a financial expert provides clarity about pensions. Using a professional means that you avoid worrying about planning for your retirement. With expert financial advice, you can rest assured that you will have sufficient savings when you retire.

Why choose an independent financial advisor for my pension?


Dealing with financial issues can be complex, time-consuming, and stressful. Thus, independent and professional advice is invaluable. I can help you make important decisions about your investments, including pensions.

A financial expert in pensions ensures your retirement strategy meets your financial goals. They help you understand different options so that you make the right decisions. An expert also provides ongoing advice, enabling you to make the most of your investment.

Why should you trust Chevrolet Consulting?

As one of the leading pension experts in Switzerland, I’ve assisted over 300 clients in making the right financial decisions. I provide personalized service and guide clients through complex pension processes.

If you are planning to leave Switzerland permanently, Chevrolet Consulting GmbH offers expert advice. This will ensure you benefit from tax savings on your occupational pension plan. This includes helping you open a vested benefit account and saving you up to 50% in taxes.

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