These Are the Benefits of an Independent Pension Advisor


If you are planning to save into a pension or already are, an independent pension advisor can make a difference. Pensions are often difficult to understand, especially if retirement is still a far-off concept for you. Administrative processes and rules for each type of pension are complex. Getting retirement planning advice simplifies things and helps you make sense of your options.

Why do I need a pension advisor?


When it comes to your finances, the decision to seek financial advice is usually personal. If you are familiar with financial planning, you might not want an independent advisor to help plan your retirement. For some of us, however, pensions and finances are often difficult to understand.

An independent pension advisor helps you understand and manage risk when it comes to retirement planning. With guidance, you can avoid potentially expensive mistakes. They also help you find the right investment opportunities. An advisor can help you understand costs or tax requirements and how you can save and get tax relief.

When do I require advice?

If you are starting your career, seeking advice helps you understand how best to save – and how much. A pension advisor will help you set up the right pension schemes to ensure you meet your financial goals.

As you reach other milestones, you can also get advice on how to save and achieve other goals. This might include saving for your child’s education or buying a home. A pensions’ advisor helps you find solutions, including whether pension savings can help you achieve these goals. As your financial circumstances evolve, they can also adjust your retirement plans.

When you are close to retiring, an independent pension advisor finds the most efficient way to access your benefits. They will also help you plan to help ensure you have enough for your retirement. As you can see, financial advice is a long-term process when it comes to retirement planning. You need someone you trust.

What are the benefits of an independent pension advisor?

Are you unsure about your pension options, or whether you need an independent pension advisor? Here are some of the main benefits of using one.


Helping you understand your options

The Swiss pension system has three pillars. Making sense of each one can be daunting. Seeking advice can help you make sense of various available pensions, giving you more confidence to make the right decisions. The insight of an independent pension advisor will help you pick options that are best for you.

Navigating you through pension rules

Each Swiss pension scheme has its own set of rules. Pillars 2 and 3, for example, can be paid out before you retire or if you leave the country. An advisor also helps you understand what happens if you decide to leave Switzerland permanently. Similarly, a pension advisor helps you navigate withdrawing pension benefits when you leave Switzerland.

Identifying tax savings


When you cash out of a Swiss pension scheme before you retire, you may be subject to withholding tax. An independent pension advisor helps you find tax savings when it comes to your pension. This includes finding the lowest tax rates on pension accounts for your benefits if you leave Switzerland permanently.

Helping you achieve your financial goals

Financial advisors work with you to understand your financial goals. When it comes to retirement planning, they will help you achieve these goals. They will use their expertise to find the best options, including ones that are unfamiliar to you. An independent pension advisor also helps keep track of your finances to ensure you meet your goals.

Guiding you through changes

Retirement planning is a marathon. Along the way, you might hit unexpected bumps. A pension advisor provides support over the years and helps you make the most of your benefits. If you decide to leave Switzerland or need to withdraw funds for something unexpected, they help you minimize tax burdens.

Chevrolet Consulting: A trusted independent pension advisor

Using my own experience in banking and finance, I provide expert advice for your retirement and pensions. I can guide you through the administrative processes and help you save on taxes. If you are planning to leave Switzerland, I can help you get the most out of your retirement benefits. Even more important is to avoid income taxes on your pension fund assets in the country you are going to! Request a free initial consultation, and let me help you plan for your retirement.

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