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Stop expropriation

Every year, CHF 7 billion is redistributed from the working population to pensioners! Current pensioners receive pensions that are far too high. This is the law and politically desired. In 2021, pension funds have performed by an average of 9%. However, employees are only credited with 1 – 2%. 8% of the income from 2021, which actually belongs to the employees, is expropriated from them!

change of job or loss of job

Your pension fund assets are normally transferred to the pension fund of your new employer. Before you do this, you should think in splitting your capital in two separate vested benefits accounts. This will result in significant tax savings when you withdraw your capital later. You should invest it in your own responsability. I will guide you through the administrative jungle. 🌴🌴🐊🌴🌴

Pension funds CHF 150’000.-
taxes for domicile in the canton
– Canton ZürichCHF 10’225.-
– via Chevrolet ConstultingCHF 4’975.-
Your savingsCHF 5’250 oder 51%
Pensionfund capital CHF 150’000.-
Taxes due in the canton of the domicile
– Kanton ZürichCHF 10’225.-
– via Chevrolet ConstultingCHF 4’975.-
Your savingsCHF 5’250 oder 51%
  • Specialized in Repatriation

    I specialize in the process of returning from Switzerland to your home country and possess the necessary expertise and experience to support you effectively.

  • Comprehensive Guidance:

    I provide comprehensive guidance that covers all aspects of repatriation, including financial, legal, and tax considerations.

  • Individualized Planning:

    Every repatriation process is unique. I work closely with you to create a customized plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

  • Tax Optimization

    I assist you in optimizing your tax obligations in both Switzerland and your home country, helping improve your overall financial situation.

  • Asset Transfer Support

    If you have assets in Switzerland, I help facilitate their transfer and ensure their security in your home country.

  • Network of Experts

    I have a wide network of professionals, including tax advisors, lawyers, and financial consultants, who can support you throughout the repatriation process.

  • Confidentiality and Discretion

    I treat all your information with utmost confidentiality and discretion. You can trust that your personal and financial matters are in safe hands.

  • Track Record of Successful Repatriations

    I have assisted numerous clients in successfully repatriating from Switzerland to their home countries, and my proven track record ensures that you receive trustworthy support.


About me

  • over 30 years of experience in International Private Banking:

    UBS, Bank Sarasin, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank (Switzerland), EFG Bank

  • languages:

    German, English, Spanish, French fluently

  • interests:

    golf, soccer, opera

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