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I am one of the leading experts in Switzerland with a focus on occupational benefits and emigration. I have already assisted over 250 clients and have the right answer to every question – guaranteed! I take my clients by the hand and guide them through the administrative jungle when they leave Switzerland. With my help, my clients save around 50% in taxes.

Independent Asset Manager
I am a registered VQF asset manager and am subject to FINMA, the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority.

You are interested in professional advice or would like a “coach” to support you in your decisions about money. With a mandate for asset management or investment advice, you get clarity and structure. The parameters such as risk tolerance and investment horizon are precisely defined in advance and reviewed regularly


Advisory of your pension fund assets and pillar 3a

This involves the tax structuring of the previous employer’s assets in the event of a change of job or loss of job. By splitting the pension assets, massive tax savings can be made on subsequent withdrawals.

On the other hand, you should avoid expropriation: Every year, around CHF 7 billion is expropriated from the working population and redistributed to pensioners who receive far too high pensions. The population is getting older and older and our pension funds have to pay out many more pensions. Due to the negative interest rates, the PK’s cannot generate sufficient returns. That is why I recommend taking personal responsibility.

Leaving Switzerland

Use the possibilities for massive tax savings:

  • Are you a foreign citizen and plan to leave Switzerland?
  • Are you Swiss and want to emigrate?

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Pensions & Taxes
Stop expropriation

Every year, CHF 7 billion is redistributed from the working population to pensioners! Current pensioners receive pensions that are far too high. This is enshrined in law and politically desired. In 2019, pension funds will have increased by an average of 11%. However, employees are only credited with 1%. 10% of the income from 2019, which actually belongs to the employee, is expropriated from him!

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If you want to leave Switzerland permanently and are/were affiliated to a pension fund, you can – under certain conditions – withdraw your pension fund assets. Withholding taxes are incurred when you withdraw your assets. These are not based on your place of residence or work, but on the domicile of the pension fund or vested benefits foundation.

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Dear Marcel, I have already spoken to a few of my colleagues about your professional help and friendliness! As you said, expats may eventually leave… I have had a great experience with engaging your expert help! All the best!

Elisa, Canada

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